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Autism Worldwide Expo



Our purpose is to open centers for the Latin American Austism in the Autism Paradise in the Dominican Republic and in the Austism Training Center in Puerto Rico City. Florida will be the Vocational and Co-Housing Center for families with autistic members.

These three very ambitious projects should have the world's attention as without a doubt, families and the community do most of the work involved in caring for their autistic loved ones. Families move faster than governments, since they are the ones with the responsibility of giving these people a dignified and independent life. We invite you to join our initiative and sponsor the first World Autism Expo!

Exhibition Purpose


It must be a sponsor that with its title can contribute to economic and advertising development. This category will cost $70,000.

Main or Gold

These sponsors will be placed in any promotional campaign (radio, press, TV, etc…) in addition to all POP material and distribution of all promotional material. There will be a maximum of 6 Principal Sponsors at a cost of $25,000.


Your logo will go on all POP material, it will be present on the premises on the day of the event in banners or advertisements previously stipulated by production. This category will cost $10,000.

Regular or Silver

To this  The sponsor will be mentioned in all the social networks of the Expo, its logo will be included in all the POP material and it will have a live mention during the two phases of the event. This category will cost $6,000.

Zone Governor

This category will be for all those who sponsor a section of the event, it can be a section of food, medicine, clothing, articles, technological education, among others. Its price will be from $5,000 to a maximum of $10,000.

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