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What are we?

We are a non-profit organization creating "co-housing" or homes (temporary or permanent), for those single mothers and fathers with one or more young people with autism.

Family members of people with this condition have no alternative to work and at the same time take care of their loved ones, because many countries do not have programs or aid for independent living. In our first pilot project we offer to develop the first stage of localities for Autism Paradise where "walk-up" style housing will be developed (schools available in Puerto Rico), housing where the same community can be supported by different government agencies for health, education vocational and/or training, among others; where the transfer and waiting that affects people with this condition is avoided.

Autism Paradise and the Training Center offer help to these adults so that they have the right to education according to the knowledge they acquire according to their abilities, and not systematically (as is done with the typical population), as this would leave the countries with a significant problem for the economic future of the nations. This is why Autism Paradise claims; structure, sources of employment, health care and independent living for this population.

Inspirational Stories

Provide quality of life for people with autism and mitigate the economic impact that the government would have if it did not build homes and communities for the more than 70 million people on the spectrum around the planet.

Our mission


Our vision

Being able to develop this type of community in different countries around the world.
These homes or communities are the future for when parents and guardians are no longer in these people's lives. In this way they will be able to count on all the necessary care, without collapsing governments for the maintenance and care of millions of people with this condition who cannot fend for themselves.


Establish communities where they can receive vocational training in different areas and proper health care with therapies and a dignified life.


Through incentives in agriculture, music, among others that create a self-sustaining economy in these communities in the future.

Our objetive

Creating a better future for all!
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